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March 2012

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Fanfic Genre: Everyone's Gay!slash

You know the type - there is no such thing as heterosexual, everyone is camper than a field full of boy scouts, fruitier than a mango margarita, such fairies they can probably fly... I'll stop now.

Gundam Wing writers who not only write Heero with Duo, Quatre with Trowa, and Wufei with Zechs or Treize or both, but every woman is a lesbian, too. Relena with Dorothy, Sally with Noin, and Hilde with Catherine.

"Open your mind, open your heart. Love is love" as long as it's not heterosexual.

I love that het has become 'daring' in some circles. :D Okay, wait, maybe 'love' isn't the right word... oh fandom, you're so weird sometimes.

I wish the House M.D. slashfans would return to the way they were when the fandom started out -- sane and generally not willing to bash the bloody hell out of Cameron to justify House/Wilson sex.

According to something I read a ways back, less then ten percent of males are gay and less then five percent of females are lesbians. So odds are in any given place that relatively few people are going to be gay. Odds are against it.

*weeps for her own sexuality*

no please do continue

its a plague. Fangirls are batshit crazy psychos @_@

every fandom the female characters are bashed, hated all because they have a vagina O_O oh noes!
this is why women will never rule the world, too busy plotting every other female's demise. (funny though they'll write the male characters as girl!*insert character name* OR MPREG, taking two of the things that women should be proud of, being a woman and giving birth, -fucking retarded)

sibling relationships and friendships dont exist anymore, how it goes is
"oh they're both HAWTSAUCE, dont matter if theyre brothers, or best buds they both hot and will go hot together! wheeee!!!! fangirl squeee slash slash every guy in every fandom should be gay"
fucking sick of it.

fucking annoying its like het is taboo *gasp* forbidden, guy/chick is not longer fun, SINCE WHEN!? m/f is more complex and there's more exploration, so WTFH?
problem with same sex fanon pairings is the characters suffer OOCness because one has to be more butch and the other a fucking emo crybaby pushover.

what annoys me more is the real life slashing too.
now actors cant be friends with each other anymore?
oh they hang out or work together they must be boinking?

srsly slashfangrls u r teh weak ass fans and FAIL EPICALLY.

I like canon slash, and femslash at least the characters are within character and their sexual orientations like they're fucking creators chose for them.

I like canon slash and femslash too.
fanon and the real life fanon pairing shit is just retarded. Some ppls need serious help. You don't see the male fans ramming fanon femslash down people's throats.