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March 2012

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Fanfic Genre - MPREG

Sadly cannot suggest any for mirth and mockery. See it is like this. I'm a grown up adult woman, who has actually gone through a pregnancy and given birth. I attended antenatal classes at the local hospital, and antenatal clinic, too.

To my very clear memory, there were no pregant males to be seen in the busy Maternity department of the Whittington Hospital, London.

I drew the conclusion from that, that men did not have babies. Sadly, as a hardnosed realist with a brain, I cannot perform the mental cling and jerk required to lift the weight of disbelief that I have to do in order to appreciate an MPREG story. So sadly having read none, I cannot suggest any. Except possibly all of them.

Are they written by deranged women who have had babies and feel trapped and resentful? Is an MPREG story their therapeutic revenge against males for making them suffer?

See if I look for revenge against men, I prefer to be more hands on. Castration, or failing that nailing the bastard's earlobes to the wall, springs to mind here. Pretending a fictional male character is pregnant strikes me as fairly pussy form of revenge. Of course I am of Mediterranean extraction, so perhaps I'm a bit more developed in my vision of revenge.

MPREG makes me weep for humanity.

(There's some crazy guy working on male/male generated female pregnancy right now, and hypothesizing that true MPREG will happen in the not too distant future. I say guys will never subject their bodies to it - like that old saw about it men could get knocked up, there'd be abortion clinics proliferating like McDonalds.)

Any, and I repeat any, fic wherein a male character gets pregnant, no matter how well written the fic is otherwise, deserves to be cast into the fiery depths of Hell or Mt Doom, or the Burning Place of Your Choosing.

MPREG fics aren't in danger of being overrated; nearly everyone despises them, except for other MPREG writers.

MPreg is one of those warnings that make me hit the delete button or the back button without reading further than that. I respect that some people like it and good for them, really. I just can't read it.
MPREG is scary.

Women (well, ones that I know, maybe not ALL of them), once experiencing childbirth, often WISH a man could get pregnant and experience the pain. But this doesn't mean males will actually get pregnant.

I mean, look at Monty Python's Life of Brian. Stan wants to become a woman. Why? To have babies. One of the others says he can't have babies. Why? Because he doesn't have a womb.

Yes, MPREG lovers, this may come as a shock, but men don't have the same anatomy as women do *gasp*!

So they can't get pregnant, they can't carry a child, they can't give birth. And why do men want a child? For a loving, stable family life?

I'm guessing MPREG writers haven't heard of adoption, then?

ACK!!! I *fucking* despise MPREG.

It makes me SICK!
How can you possibly get impregnated by getting fucked into your backdoor?!

I don't see any of it's appeals, this genre makes me cringe.

The most to suffer from this are the Harry Potter and LOTR fandom.

It's growing a pretty big fanbase... it's not like everybody Despises it. It's scaring me the shit out!

Be traumatized by the mpreg PICTURES you can find!~ >< Mpreg fics are bad enough, but seeing a pregnant naked Snape is.... scarring.

the fact that ALL mpreg is ghastly. Want to write about giving birth? Choose a bloody female character. Cretins.

... Someone didn't understand what those teenie girls masturbate to...
Preggo!boys, impregnated cuz they got it up the ass.

A recent one had artificial insemination of the male's ABDOMEN. Which prompted this quote from my friend:
i guess the baby forms clinging to your liver like a god damned parasite or something.

I suppose no fandom is safe...